AI Takes Center Stage

• Apple is likely to emphasize AI   features across its software   platforms. • Expect generative AI tools, smarter   Siri, and multimodal AI capabilities. • AI-driven productivity enhancements   may be showcased

iOS 18 and  iPadOS 18

• Anticipate significant updates to iOS   and iPadOS. • New features, improved   performance, and enhanced user   experiences are likely. • Keep an eye out for AI-driven   functionalities in these operating   systems

watchOS 11

• Apple’s smartwatch platform will see   enhancements. • Look for improved health and fitness   features, app updates, and potential   AI integrations.

macOS 15

• macOS updates often mirror iOS   changes. • Expect refinements in Apple Music,   Notes, and productivity apps. • AI advancements may enhance user   workflows and creativity.

Apple Vision Pro Updates

Apple’s vision and AR technologies   could receive attention. Possible improvements in ARKit,   camera capabilities, and visual   experiences