What is Rufus?

• Rufus has extensive knowledge of Amazon's product library, customer reviews, and web information. • Users can now interact with Rufus for product queries, comparisons, and personalized suggestions.

How to use Rufus?

• Rufus is currently in beta, accessible to a select group of customers. • Beta users can initiate a chat with Rufus through the Amazon mobile app's search bar.

Rufus's Capabilities

• Rufus handles various tasks, from answering queries to offering product comparisons. • Demonstrative visuals of the Rufus chat window within the Amazon app. • Users can expand the window for detailed answers, choose from suggestions, or ask specific questions.

Rufus Use  Cases

• Rufus can provide gift recommendations, and handle specific product inquiries. • Rufus draws information from product details, customer reviews, and community Q&As.

Overall, Rufus might be the reason you spend more on Amazon from nowonwards.