Network and Compatibility

• Google’s Find My Device network has   been launched, allowing Android   phones worldwide to collaborate in   tracking not only phones but also other   offline objects. • These trackers work with Android’s   Find My Device app and leverage   Bluetooth proximity data from millions   of Android devices globally.

Chipolo and Pebblebee Trackers

• Chipolo and Pebblebee are the first   brands to introduce AirTag-style   trackers for Android. • These trackers come in tag and card   forms, allowing you to attach them to   items that lack Bluetooth connectivity.

Precise Location and Sounds

• The new network uses Bluetooth data   to pinpoint your item’s exact location   on a map via the Find My Device app. • If your lost item is nearby, you can   trigger a sound or an LED light flash   using the app.

Chipolo and Pebblebee Models

• Chipolo One Point Tracker: Designed for   keys, priced at $28. • Chipolo Card Point Tracker: Flatter design   for wallets, priced at $35. • Pebblebee Clip Tracker: Ideal for keys,   priced at $30. • Pebblebee Card Tracker: Suitable for   wallets, also priced at $30. • Pebblebee Tag Tracker: Tiny and   lightweight (6.5g), with up to eight   months of battery life.

Upcoming Devices

• Eufy Smart Track Link and Smart Tag   Card are coming soon for Android. • Sony WH-1000XM5, JBL Tour Pro 2,   and JBL Tour One M2 headphones will   receive support through software   updates. • Google Pixel Buds Pro will also join the   network shortly.