4-Point Noise Masking System

• Instead of active noise canceling (ANC),    Anker employs a unique approach. • The earbuds feature a design with two    layers of silicon, providing three times   stronger passive noise blocking than   regular earbuds. • Smart Volume Control adjusts audio   strength to prevent external   disturbances, such as snoring, from   leaking in.

Comfortable  Design

• Anker addresses the discomfort of   wearing earbuds while sleeping. • The A20s have a flat cover that shields   the ear canal, reducing pressure. • The “Air Wing” design evenly   distributes weight, ensuring extra   comfort.

Battery Life

• The earbuds offer an impressive 80   hours of battery life with the charging   case. • In Sleep mode, enjoy 14 hours of   continuous playback. • With Bluetooth enabled, the playback   time is 10 hours.

Sleep Monitoring and Position Tracking

• Anker’s official Soundcore app provides   automatic sleep monitoring and   position tracking. • Personal alarms ensure only you hear   them, avoiding disturbances to others   nearby.

Launch Details

• On April 16, Anker will launch a   Kickstarter campaign where you can   pre-purchase the Sleep A20 earbuds   with a 40 percent discount in the US,   UK, and possibly Azerbaijan.