• The Apple Watch Series 10 is expected   to debut in 2024. • It aims to enhance health monitoring   capabilities for wearers.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

• The standout feature is the addition of   blood pressure monitoring. • While not as detailed as traditional   cuffs, it will provide users with trends in   blood pressure. • This non-invasive feature could be   especially valuable for     insulin-dependent diabetics.

Hardware Implementation

• The blood pressure monitoring is likely   to be a hardware feature. • Older Apple Watch models may not   receive it via a software update.

Health Impact

• Tracking blood pressure through the Apple Watch can help users detect changes early. • It aids in identifying hypertension, heart disease, and other complications.

Samsung and Huawei Comparison

• Samsung already offers ECG and BP   monitoring on its Galaxy Watch series. • Huawei’s Watch D also includes an   automatic blood pressure monitor.

Affordability and Accessibility

• The Apple Watch Series 10 aims to   make health features accessible to a   wider audience. • It could reduce reliance on clinic-based   blood pressure readings.