Touchscreen iMac

• The patent reveals that Apple is   exploring the possibility of adding a   touchscreen to its iMac. • This move would complete the circle,   allowing users to interact directly   with the display.

Foldable Handle

• The patent also shows a design with   a foldable handle. • The handle slides and hides into the   display when not in use.

Pivoting Display

• Another interesting feature is the   pivot system. • It allows the display to tilt from left to   right, overcoming a long-standing   limitation on iMac models.

Wireless Charging Dock

• The patent includes images of an   iMac mounted on a dock device. • This dock not only provides a small   storage shelf but also doubles up as   a wireless charging stand for iPad,   iPhone, Apple Watch, and more.

Innovative Design

• Apple’s commitment to refining and   updating this invention suggests a   dedication to exploring innovative   possibilities beyond safe designs. • The all-glass iMac concept   represents a departure from   conventional designs.