Offline Mode

• Google is working on introducing an   offline mode for the Google Home   app. • Currently, commands sent to   devices rely on company servers   before affecting your network. With   offline mode, local control will be   enabled, allowing you to interact   with your devices even when your   internet is down.

Old Nest Cameras Support

• Google aims to address the issue of   first-generation Nest cameras not   working with the current Google   Home app. • These older models will soon   receive support, creating a more   cohesive ecosystem for users.

Challenges and Updates

• Updating firmware for old devices   has been challenging due to their   age (some launched back in 2015). • Google is also improving integration   with third-party brands like Wyze   and Eufy.

Security and Quality Control

• Google’s focus on Nest devices is   driven by security and quality   control considerations. • Ensuring seamless compatibility   requires close collaboration with   partners.

Promising Future

• While the rollout of these features   may take time, Google’s   commitment to enhancing the   Google Home app is promising for   users.