Legislation Timeline

* India aims to start the process of   legislating artificial intelligence (AI)   regulations soon after the conclusion   of the general elections. * The government recognizes the need   for a regulatory framework to address   various issues arising from   technological advancements.

Balanced Approach

* The government is considering a   legislative method rather than relying   solely on self-regulation. * A self-regulatory body alone is deemed   insufficient. * The proposed regulations will strike a   balance to ensure that innovators’   creativity is not stifled.

Deepfake Concerns

* The rise of AI has led to an increase in   incidents of deepfakes – synthetic   media that can spread   misinformation. * India faces challenges related to   preserving intellectual property and   addressing ethical concerns.

Industry Consultation

* The government has already consulted   the industry on AI regulations. * After the elections, a formal   consultation process will be launched   to move toward legislation.

Copyright and Commercial Implications

While fostering innovation, regulations will also consider implications related to copyright, financial matters, and commercial interests.

Ethical and Balanced Framework

India’s approach aims to create a balanced regulatory structure that fosters innovation while safeguarding against misuse and harm.