Support Wind-Down

* Meta (formerly Facebook) has officially announced that it will wind down support for the original Quest headset. * This means that certain features and updates will no longer be available for Quest 1 owners.

Feature Removal Timeline

* March 5, 2023: Meta will remove access to Meta Quest Home social features. * Users won’t be able to invite others to their virtual home or visit friends’ homes. * Party Creation and Joining: Quest 1 owners will no longer be able to create or join parties, affecting social interactions within the VR experience.

Continued Functionality

* While support is ending, the original Quest will remain mostly functional. * Users can still access existing apps and games. * Bug fixes and security patches will continue until “sometime in 2024.”

Upgrade Options

To enjoy the latest features and advancements, users are encouraged to consider upgrading to newer models like the Quest 2 or the upcoming Quest 3.

Mixed Reactions

* Reactions from Quest 1 owners have been mixed. * Some understand the decision, while others express frustration and disappointment.

End of an Era

The original Quest, a pioneer in VR, is now reaching its end of life as Meta focuses on newer hardware and experiences.