Project Stargate

• The project aims to create an AI   supercomputer that will significantly   advance artificial intelligence research. • It involves the development of a   massive data center with millions of   specialized server chips dedicated to   powering OpenAI’s AI models.

Cost and Scale

• The project could cost as much as     $100 billion. • It represents a significant investment in   the future of AI infrastructure.


• The supercomputers are being   deployed in five phases. • Stargate is the fifth and most advanced   phase. • Microsoft is also working on a smaller,   fourth-phase supercomputer for   OpenAI, expected to launch around   2026.

AI Research Acceleration

• Stargate’s immense computational   power will accelerate research in areas   such as natural language processing,   computer vision, and reinforcement   learning.


• The collaboration between Microsoft   and OpenAI aims to push the   boundaries of AI capabilities and drive   innovation.