Design Changes

• The Avata 2 features a streamlined   design compared to the original   Avata. • The camera is now positioned at the   front inside a smaller housing, and   the flight fans have three blades   instead of five.

Goggles 3 Headset

• The Goggles 3 headset looks similar   to DJI’s Goggles 2 but has a pair of   camera lenses on the front. • These lenses enable the headset’s   Real View PiP (Picture-In-Picture)   mode, allowing users to see their   surroundings without removing the   goggles.

RC Motion 3 Controller

• The RC Motion 3 controller retains the   previous generation’s design but with   notable changes. • It has a darker color scheme, a   different joystick position, and larger   buttons for improved usability.

Camera Specs

• The Avata 2’s camera has a     155-degree viewing angle with an   aperture of f/2.8. • It can shoot video in 4K resolution at   60FPS or 2.7K resolution at 120FPS. • Owners will have 46 GB of storage.

Video Transmission Distance

The drone’s video transmission distance reaches up to 13 km (a little over eight miles).


Approximate prices for the Avata 2 are as follows: • DJI Avata 2: $410 • DJI Avata 2 kit (one battery): $823 • DJI Avata 2 kit (three batteries): $960