Revolutionizing Email

* Gmail, launched on April Fool’s Day in   2004, was initially met with skepticism. * It offered an unprecedented 1 gigabyte   of storage per account, a quantum leap   compared to competitors.

Storage, Search, and Speed

* Gmail’s original pitch focused on the   three 'S’s: storage, search, and speed. * It combined ample storage with   Google’s powerful search technology,   allowing users to retrieve old emails   effortlessly.

Threaded Conversations

* Gmail threaded together related   emails, making conversations flow   seamlessly. * This innovation transformed how we   organize and manage our email   communication.

Mind-Bending Concept

* The idea of 1 gigabyte of email storage   seemed preposterous at the time. * People initially thought it was another   Google prank, but Gmail was very real.

Legacy and Impact

* Gmail’s existence influenced other   email services to offer more storage. * It paved the way for features like   labels, spam filtering, and integrated   chat

Still Thriving

* Today, Gmail boasts 1.8 billion active   accounts worldwide. * It remains an essential part of our   digital lives, proving that sometimes   even April Fool’s jokes can change the   world.