Battery Beast

Gone are the days of worrying about mid-game juice runs. The Ally X boasts a doubled 80Wh battery, potentially offering twice the playtime of its predecessor.

Smarter Than Ever

Ditch the external power bank! The Ally X ditches the XG Mobile port for an extra USB-C, allowing for simultaneous charging and controller use.

Brainpower Boost

Multitasking and demanding games get a smooth ride with 24GB of DDR5 RAM clocked at a blazing-fast 7500 MHz. Plus, 8GB are dedicated to the GPU for a powerful one-two punch.

Cool Under Pressure

The Ally X tackles thermal throttling with a redesigned cooling system. New vents improve airflow, especially for the screen, and smaller, lighter fans keep things quiet while staying effective.

Ergonomic Edge

Not just powerful, the Ally X is designed for comfort. A bigger D-pad and reinforced joysticks enhance your gaming experience, while reports suggest improved overall ergonomics for marathon sessions.