Samsung Mobile Users at

Big Risk of Cyberattack

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Some Samsung Galaxy users reported unauthorized access, photo deletion, and passcode/fingerprint removal. 

Hackers can exploit these vulnerabilities for unauthorized access, service denial, authentication bypass, elevated privileges, and targeted cyber attacks.

Vulnerabilities in Samsung Mobile Android versions 11, 12, 13, and 14. May allow attackers to exploit the system, leading to information theft and device compromise.

Government issues warning- "Samsung Galaxy users of high-risk security threats. Urgent OS and firmware updates are recommended to mitigate risks to user data".

Precautions to Enhance Phone Security:

-Use Strong Passwords/PINs: -Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): -Review App Permissions: -Install Apps from Trusted Sources: -Regularly Update Apps: -Secure Wi-Fi Connections: -Avoid Clicking on Suspicious Links