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- PSVR2 package includes VR   headset and connecting cable - Sense wireless controllers with   straps and pairing/charging cable - Stereo headphones with three sets   of earpieces Sony PSVR2 is not compatible  with older PS4


PSVR2 headset features two 2000x2040p resolution OLED displays, capable of supporting 4K HDR visuals at up to 120Hz refresh rate.

PSVR2: 4 built-in tracking cameras

- IR cameras track eyes for realism - 110-degree field-of-view - Foveated rendering for better  graphics

PSVR2 controllers, inspired by DualSense

- Aim for immersive touch   experience - Haptics and adaptive triggers for    enhanced feel

Sony PSVR2 supports 20+ games including Horizon: Call of the Mountain.


Sony has launched PSVR2 at  Rs 57,999 and a bundle edition, Horizon Call of the Mountain, at  Rs 61,999.