Graphics Power

• The RTX 4060 ensures smooth   gameplay and decent performance for   modern titles at 1080p resolution. • Usually, machines with this mid-range   GPU cost around $1,000, making this   HAF Pro a bargain.

Storage and RAM

• The PC features a 1TB SSD and 16GB   DDR4 RAM. • These specs provide a good balance for   gaming and multitasking.

Intel Core i5 Processor

• The machine comes with a 12th gen   Intel Core i5-12400F chipset. • While it’s a little older, the RTX 4060   handles most of the heavy lifting for   gaming.

Upgrade Potential

• The case and power supply allow for   easy upgrades down the line. • With the low asking price, you’ll have   cash left for future upgrades.

Smooth 1080p Gaming

Straight out of the box, the HAF Pro delivers great performance for smooth gaming at 1080p resolution.

Affordable  Price

• The Cooler Master HAF 5 Pro gaming   PC, equipped with an RTX 4060   graphics card, is priced at just $845. • This deal offers excellent value for   budget-conscious gamers.