• Resembles a cross between the   Quest 2 and the Quest 3. • Retains interchangeable headset   straps from the Quest 2 and Quest 3. • Utilizes similar Fresnel lenses as the   Quest 2.


• Features the powerful Snapdragon   XR2 Gen 2 chipset for solid   performance. • Expected to strip away some features   to reduce costs.

Potential Name

• Uncertain about the official name;   could be either the Meta Quest 3 Lite   or simply the Quest Lite. • Meta’s naming strategy remains   mysterious, as seen with the Quest   Pro’s launch.

Release Timing

• Initially expected at the annual Meta   Connect conference in late 2024. • Latest rumors point to a release in   the first half of 2024. • May replace the Meta Quest 2 as the   lower-cost option.

Affordability and Adoption

• Designed to accelerate mass-market   adoption by offering an affordable   Meta Quest 3 experience.

Price and Availability

• Expected to launch in 2024. • Rumored to be priced at an   incredible $199, making it the most   affordable Meta Quest headset. • Some sources suggest it might   launch closer to $299 to strike a   balance between affordability and   features.