AI Chatbots for Seamless Support

Businesses can now deploy AI chatbots to answer your questions 24/7. Expect faster resolutions to common inquiries and a more streamlined customer service experience.

Verified Businesses = Added Trust

Look for the new "Meta Verified" badge next to a business's name. This indicates they've registered with Meta and receive enhanced account support, offering peace of mind when interacting with official accounts.

Early Access for India

Calling all Indian users! You're among the first in the world to experience these new features. Get ready for a more convenient and secure way to connect with businesses on WhatsApp.

Potential for Call Support

While not confirmed yet, Meta hinted at testing call functionality for larger businesses. Imagine directly calling a company for complex issues, all within WhatsApp!

Future Enhancements on the Horizon

This is just the beginning. Expect further AI integration and tools to help businesses personalize marketing and customer interactions on the platform.