• Dragging and dropping stickers or relying on third-party apps was the previous method • iPhone users can personalize stickers with text, drawing, and overlaying stickers

• iOS users can now use photos from their gallery • Customized stickers are saved in the sticker tray for future use

Step-by-Step Guide

• Open WhatsApp on your iPhone • Tap on any conversation • Select the sticker icon to access   the sticker tray • Click on 'Create sticker' to choose   an image • Customize with cutouts, text,   other stickers, or drawings • Share the finalized sticker by   tapping 'send'

Editing Existing Stickers

• Long-press on a sticker in the    tray, select 'edit sticker' • Customize by adding text, other    stickers, or drawings • Share the edited sticker by    tapping 'send'