AI-Powered Image Editor

• WhatsApp is developing an AI-powered   image editor that allows users to   enhance their photos directly within the   app. • Users will be able to quickly modify an   image’s background, restyle it, or   expand it using artificial intelligence. • The feature aims to provide seamless   editing capabilities for WhatsApp users.

Editing Options

The AI image editor will offer advanced features, including: • Changing the background: Users can   alter the background of their images. • Restyling: Users can apply different   styles to their photos. • Expanding dimensions: The AI can   enhance the dimensions of the image.

Meta AI Integration

• WhatsApp is also working on a feature   that allows users to ask questions   directly to the company’s ‘Meta AI’   service from the search bar. • Meta AI is the generative AI assistant   designed to compete with OpenAI’s   ChatGPT.

Beta Testing

• These features are still in development   and are not yet available for testing by   users who receive beta versions of the   app. • Users can expect these enhancements   to roll out in future updates.

Seamless User Experience

• By integrating AI-powered editing and   direct queries to Meta AI, WhatsApp   aims to enhance the overall user   experience.