Wi-Fi 7 enhances speed and reduces   latency. Ideal for devices like Apple's Vision   Pro

Introduction of  Wi-Fi 7 by Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi 6E, an extension of Wi-Fi 6 with   support for the 6GHz band. Wi-Fi 7 surpasses Wi-Fi 6E with   significantly faster transfer speeds.

Comparison with Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E has a maximum transfer   speed of 9Gbps. Wi-Fi 7 boasts a maximum transfer   speed of up to 46Gbps, five times   faster.

Speed Boost of Wi-Fi 7

In 6GHz band countries, Wi-Fi 7   doubles the channel size. Increased channel size supports   more traffic and reduces interference.

Enhancements in Countries Using 6GHz Band

Wi-Fi 7 employs 4K QAM, transmitting   20% more bits compared to Wi-Fi 6E's   1024 QAM. Enables more data transmission   simultaneously.

4K QAM Technology in Wi-Fi 7

iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max   to be the first Apple devices with    Wi-Fi 7 in 2024. Android devices to follow soon

Wi-Fi 7 Adoption