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Apple planning to acquire AI startup with advanced privacy tech for Vision Pro

Word on the street is that Apple’s looking to snatch up Brighter AI, a German AI startup that’s all about making face and license plate data anonymous. Rumor has it that Apple’s eyeing this move to beef up the privacy features on Apple Vision Pro. They might just be eyeing Brighter AI’s tech to make sure their fancy vision system doesn’t accidentally catch any personal info when you’re snapping pics or shooting videos out in public.

Usually, filming stuff with your iPhone isn’t something you stress about. But with Apple Vision Pro, it’s a different story. See, it’s got this sneaky way of shooting video that’s way more low-key than your regular smartphone, which could stir up some concerns. This tech could also come in handy for upcoming gadgets that make snapping photos and shooting videos even more under the radar. With Vision Pro, there’s a sneaky little visual hint on the front panel to let you know when it’s grabbing media.

Apple’s already got some tech in place to blur out faces and license plates in the pics on Apple Maps. They’re pretty serious about privacy too – before they put any of those pics out there, they make sure to blur out any faces or plates to keep folks’ privacy intact.

Back in 2015, Apple hit the road for a whole year, cruising around the US and Europe doing test drives. They weren’t just out for a joyride though – they were fine-tuning their image blurring tech. They didn’t share the pics they snapped, but they put them to good use, making their face and license plate blurring even better.

The reason why Apple’s eyeing Brighter AI is pretty intriguing. See, Brighter AI’s got some next-level AI tech that can make data anonymous without just blurring it out. Instead of making everything look fuzzy, their method tweaks the images so that folks stay unidentifiable but still look totally natural.

Instead of just blurring things out, Brighter AI works its magic to change up images so you can’t tell who’s who anymore. And the cool part? It keeps everything looking totally natural. Their Deep Natural Anonymization 2.0 tech is super versatile and could be used in all sorts of stuff. Apple might not just stop at using it for Apple Vision Pro and Maps – they could expand it to other products too.