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Apple sets new record by acquiring 32 AI startups in 2023

In recent years, Apple’s been all in on the AI game. They’ve been making some smart moves, snapping up AI startups left and right and bringing on board key talent to amp up their AI game across their products. According to, by 2023, Apple had scooped up as many as 32 AI startups, topping the charts among the big tech players.

When it comes to snatching up AI startups, Google comes in second after Apple with 21 under its belt, followed by Meta with 18, and Microsoft bringing up the rear with 17.

Edith Reads, a financial analyst at Stocklytics, weighed in on the numbers:

“In the ongoing AI arms race, Apple is making sizeable deals with many AI startups, putting it in a good spot for future tech developments even as its competitors, Microsoft and Google, make considerable investments in already established AI companies. By acquiring promising AI startups, Apple gains access to top-tier talent and innovative technologies and consolidates its foothold in crucial AI domains, ensuring a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.”

Apple has been low-key about boosting its AI game. They haven’t spilled the beans on what they’re gonna do with all this newfound AI mojo just yet. However, CEO Tim Cook did drop a hint about the company’s focus on AI research, although there’s not much juicy stuff to grab onto in terms of new developments.

Their strategy for nabbing AI startups shows they’re taking a well-rounded approach to leveling up in AI. It’s not just about snagging talent; they’re also weaving in new tech and beefing up their stash of intellectual property. In 2020, Apple Inc. snagged up Voysis, an AI startup that’s all about crafting digital voice assistants that really get how we talk. Apple picked them up to give Siri, their virtual assistant, a serious upgrade.

Then, in March 2023, this Silicon Valley titan added WaveOne to its shopping cart. WaveOne’s tech is ace at squeezing videos down to size. And that’s not all – Apple’s also nabbed up Emotient, Laserlike, Drive.AI, and AI.Music. Some of these goodies have found their way into iPhones, Apple Watches, and Macs.

Apple’s shopping spree stands out for its focus on snagging up startups in their early days. This shows they’re not just sitting around waiting; they’re actively hunting down and investing in the next big things in AI before they become household names.