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Apple Vision Pro to come loaded with Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel

Microsoft is rolling out a bunch of its Microsoft 365 apps for Apple’s Vision Pro headset later this week. You’ll find Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Loop, and Microsoft Teams all up for grabs in the App Store for the Apple Vision Pro starting February 2nd – the same day Apple’s new headset hits the shelves.

Apple Vision Pro users can tap into an AI-infused edition of Copilot while rocking the headset. This means you can create drafts, sum up documents, and whip up PowerPoint presentations – all with just your voice.

On the Vision Pro, Word comes with a focus mode similar to the reader mode on desktop versions, and there’s a touch-friendly ribbon interface. You can craft PowerPoint slides and even use the app for presentation practice. Excel packs in the ability to whip up charts and tables, analyze data, and most of the features you’d find in the regular Excel versions.

Even though Microsoft recently rolled out a 3D and VR experience for Microsoft Teams exclusively for Meta’s Quest headsets, Microsoft Mesh integration won’t be up and running for the Apple Vision Pro right from the get-go.

“We will continue bringing innovative experiences to new devices, including bringing Microsoft Mesh to Apple Vision Pro in the coming year,” says Lori Craw, director of Microsoft 365 marketing.

Similar to the Zoom app on the Apple Vision Pro, Microsoft Teams will back Apple’s “persona” (a digital avatar created from a face scan) during video calls. Microsoft has thrown in emoji reactions and, of course, the option to dive into the Teams chat experience. Moving a Teams meeting from desktop or mobile to the Apple Vision Pro, or vice versa, is a breeze.

Even though Microsoft, Disney, and a bunch of others are hopping on board to support the Apple Vision Pro headset from day one, there are a couple of big names missing in action. Netflix and YouTube won’t be dropping their Apple Vision Pro apps this week, so owners of Apple’s headset will have to stick to streaming videos through a web browser for now.