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Best podcast apps that Android users should try out

These days, there’s a podcast out there for just about everyone, but the real question is, which app should you roll with? While some podcasts are tied to specific platforms, most of the time, you’ve got a ton of options for where you can tune in. But, kinda like the multitude of music players you can grab, figuring out which podcast app suits your needs can be a bit of a head-scratcher.

We’ve rounded up the top podcast apps to make your decision-making a whole lot easier. Our selection process took into account things like how user-friendly they are for discovering fresh podcasts, the choices they offer for playback, and whether they throw in cool features like auto-downloading new episodes and customizable playlists. Plus, the best part is, all these apps work like a charm on both Android and iOS devices. So, if you’re tired of dealing with Apple Podcast’s sync woes, you’ve got some pretty awesome alternatives to explore.


If you’re already jamming out on Spotify for tunes, it makes sense to stick with one app for all your audio cravings. But, gotta keep it real, Spotify’s got its limitations. It’s not exactly a genius at suggesting what to listen to; instead, it dishes out curated stuff. Plus, things can get a tad messy when you’re trying to mix music and podcasts in your library or while you’re on the hunt for something new. And don’t even get us started on how tricky it is to find the right podcast episode since they don’t do seasons.

Sure, Spotify’s handy when you want everything in one spot, but if you’re serious about podcasts, you might want to look elsewhere for a dedicated podcast platform.

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Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a nice perk included with your Prime subscription, but here’s the scoop: you might not realize it, but it also throws in access to their library of ad-free podcasts. Now, if you’re all about the music, you won’t get the on-demand play unless you spring for Music Unlimited. But here’s the cool part – all of Amazon Music’s podcasts are available for free whenever you want to listen. They’ve got some exclusive podcasts, and they play nice with other platforms too.

But, here’s the kicker: you’ll need to deal with the Amazon Music app to dive into podcasts. So, unless you’re using Amazon Music for your tunes, you’ll be juggling both music and podcast apps. If you’re a Prime subscriber, our recommendation is to stick with Spotify for a one-stop-shop that handles both music and podcasts.


Luminary offers an ad-free listening experience, but only if you upgrade to its premium version. It’s worth it, though, as its sleek interface is just the cherry on top of many valuable features. Luminary includes extensive playback controls, offline listening, notifications for new episodes, a sleep timer, and even the ability to build custom playlists of podcast episodes.

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PodBean has climbed the ranks as one of the most loved podcast apps, thanks to its unique tricks, alongside all the stuff you’d expect from a solid podcast player. First up, it’s got this clever playback speed feature that’s like having your own personal DJ. It can automatically tweak the speed based on what you’re listening to, saving you from fiddling with it for every single episode. This is gold, especially if you’re into podcasts with different talkers who like to chat at their own pace.

Then, there’s the cool ability to catch podcasts in real-time, not just after they’ve been all polished up. You can jump right into the action and interact live, which adds a whole new layer of fun. And that’s not all – PodBean lets you sift through recommendations, grab some premium content, and even become the star of your own show by recording your own podcasts. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of podcast apps!


Castbox is kinda in the same league as PodBean when it comes to the feature-packed game. But here’s the deal – its interface can be a bit of a puzzle to figure out, and those ads in the free version? Yeah, they can be a bit of a nuisance. But don’t write it off just yet, because Castbox is a powerhouse.

It’s not just a podcast player; it’s a whole listener community where folks can chat and interact with each other. And guess what? It even lets you host your own podcasts. Plus, it’s like having your very own podcast matchmaker, dishing out tailor-made recommendations. In the free version, you’re capped at 100 subscriptions, which should be more than enough for most folks. Once you’ve found your groove, listening becomes a breeze, and you can tweak things to your heart’s content.