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ChatGPT bringing Quick Setting access to Android phones

The ChatGPT app from OpenAI is rolling out a cool update for Android, introducing a handy Quick Settings shortcut. This nifty feature comes with a user-friendly interface and can be accessed from any app.

As mentioned earlier this month, ChatGPT is gearing up to be a default assist app on Android. This means users could potentially use ChatGPT instead of Google Assistant, but the feature isn’t live just yet. What’s currently live, though, is the new Quick Settings tile for ChatGPT on Android. This makes it super easy to access the AI service without having to open the full app.

The fresh ChatGPT tile introduces a cool overlay UI that pops up on your screen no matter what app you’re in. The UI is mostly see-through, featuring a white circle with an animation to show it’s either loading or the AI is responding to you. It takes a moment to “connect” each time you activate it, but it’s usually ready to start listening within a few seconds. When your prompt is being processed, the white circle transforms into a cloud. Your input is sent automatically when you stop talking or if you tap on the white circle.

The first time you check out this new UI, you’ll be asked to pick a voice, and you’ll also have the option to use ChatGPT with your voice right in the app. However, when you open it again later, you’ll be greeted with the new overlay UI.

The fresh shortcut is making its debut in ChatGPT for Android version 1.2024.017 (and .018), and it’s currently hitting devices through the beta channel, as highlighted by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter/X. However, it’s worth noting that it seems to be a limited rollout. When we signed up for the beta program, our Pixel 8 Pro was initially stuck on version .010, which lacks the new UI and only has the Quick Settings tile.