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Enhance iPhone Audio: Affordable Wireless Mics

Apple iPhones are the default choice for content creation. iPhones offer the most seamless and stable videography, thanks to their refined camera app and powerful video-recording capabilities. And while the video part is taken care of by the native hardware, audio recording demands some extra gear for that additional professional touch-up.

Affordable Wireless Mics for iPhone

If you also shoot from an iPhone and are looking for a budget wireless microphone for vlogging, you are at the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 budget friendly wireless mics for iPhones. Let’s take a look.

Ulanzi J12 2-Person Wireless Microphone System (Rs. 5,020)

ULANZI J12 is a portable and  perfectly compatible wireless microphone system for your iPhone.  This microphone features a lightning port to fit most iPhones and iPads to ensure a hassle-free audio recording experience. The portable form-factor makes it a great choice for travelers. 

Ulanzi 2-Person Wireless Mic

As far as the battery is concerned, a full-charge can give you up to  6-7 hours run time.. The microphone has a built-in professional-grade intelligent noise reduction module, which can effectively filter noise and provide high-fidelity sound recording. 


  • Item model number J12
  • Product Dimensions ‎3 x 4 x 5 cm; 69 Grams
  • Item Weight ‎69 g
  • Compatible Devices   Smartphone
  • Audio Sensitivity 70 dB
  • Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Polar Pattern ‎Omnidirectional

Digitek Wireless Microphone System (Rs. 4,599)

The tried and tested Digitek Wireless Microphone System is a must-have accessory if you use your iPhone for vlogging. The microphone has an enhanced headphone monitoring function, which allows you to monitor the audio recording in real-time.

Digitek Wireless Mic

. Its 360 degrees Ultra-Clear sound pickup provides crystal clear audios by collecting equal amounts of sound from all directions. This microphone also allows high performance wireless transmission which is effective up to 30 meters. Echo and noise cancellation mode works equally good but one should not expect  pro sound quality at this price. It is a good budget friendly device for Insta reels, YouTube vlogs etc. The wireless microphone system works with iPhones, Android smartphones and even cameras.


  • Item model number ‎DWM 101
  • Product Dimensions ‎16.2 x 11 x 5.2 cm
  • Item Weight ‎300 g
  • Compatible Devices ‎Camcorder, Tablet, Headphone, Smartphone
  • Audio Sensitivity 75 dB
  • Material Brass, Plastic
  • Polar Pattern ‎Omnidirectional

Boya 2.4 ghz Omnidirectional Wireless Microphone System (Rs. 3,695)

The BY-V series is another good budget wireless microphone ideal for on-the-go recording, whether you’re traveling, recording podcasts, or doing live streams.The BY-V20 is a dual channel wireless system that includes 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. 

Boya Omnidirectional Wireless Mic

It is made to work with the majority of Android smartphones that have USB-C connections. The BY-V1 includes one transmitter & receiver, the receiver comes with a MFi-certified Lightning output, designed specifically for Apple iOS devices. It provides an inexpensive audio recording experience with good quality sound, making it a perfect recording gear for budding content creators. 


  • Item model number ‎BY-V2
  • Product Dimensions ‎5.5 x 3 x 2 cm
  • Item Weight ‎24 g
  • Compatible Devices ‎ Smartphone
  • Audio Sensitivity 42 dB
  • Material Brass, Plastic
  • Polar Pattern ‎Omnidirectional

GRENARO J13 Wireless Mic (Rs. 2,599)

Grenaro wireless microphone is another option which falls into the budget friendly category. This microphone is using DSP intelligent noise reduction chip to achieve manual adjustable 𝟯 𝗹𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹 𝗻𝗼𝗶𝘀𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗱𝘂𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 and provides professional full-band audio CD quality.

GRENARO Wireless Microphone

 GRENARO J13 Wireless Microphone allows you to select different levels according to the environment and wind conditions for a seamless audio recording experience during indoor and outdoor shoots. Grenaro wireless lavalier microphones have built-in rechargeable batteries, each wireless microphone can be used for up to 8 hours with one full-charge that takes up to 2 hours. 


  • Item model number ‎Dual Channel Universal Version
  • Product Dimensions ‎8.3 x 6.2 x 2.5 cm
  • Item Weight 80 Grams
  • Compatible Devices ‎Laptop, Tablet, Digital equipment with Type-C/Lightning interface, Smartphone
  • Audio Sensitivity 70 dB
  • Material Brass, Plastic
  • Polar Pattern ‎Omnidirectional

DigiTek (DWM-002) Wireless Mic & Receiver (Rs. 1,099)

If you are on a very tight budget but still want to record audio wirelessly on your iPhone, the DigiTek (DWM-002) Wireless Microphone is a great option for you. This device  comes with a Noise Cancellation Microphone  Suitable for Vlogging ,YouTube Live Streaming  and Video Recording.

DigiTek Wireless Microphone & Receiver

The wireless microphone also works well for those who are traveling with its built-in-50mAh Li-poly battery, which can easily run for  4 to 5 hours. 


  • Item model number ‎DWM-002
  • Product Dimensions ‎8 x 3 x 12 cm; 100 Grams
  • Item Weight ‎100 g
  • Compatible Devices ‎ Smartphone
  • Audio Sensitivity 75 dB
  • Material ‎Alloy Steel, Plastic