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Galaxy S24 outshines iPhone 15 Pro Max in internal storage speeds

The Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max have different internal memory standards, with Samsung’s flagship using UFS technology and Apple opting for NVMe storage across all its devices. Regardless of the variant, both offer speedy read and write capabilities, but the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes out on top in this category. In a recent benchmark, its storage demonstrated up to a 75 percent speed boost, not to mention the device boasts lower latency.

In the Jazz Disk Bench, sakitech demonstrates that the Galaxy S24 Ultra outshines the iPhone 15 Pro Max in another area. It achieves a sequential read speed of 2,547MB/s, leaving its rival trailing at 1,450MB/s – a substantial 75 percent difference. However, the same performance gap doesn’t quite carry over to the write test. The Galaxy S24 Ultra hits 1,442MB/s in data transfer speeds, with its competitor closely behind at 1,257MB/s, making for a modest 15 percent difference.

Samsung has a track record of employing faster flash memory chips in its top-tier smartphones, so it’s no shock that the Galaxy S24 Ultra outperformed the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The trend continues in the 4K random read and write test, raising the question of why Apple sticks with the slower NVMe standard when it consistently trails behind Samsung’s advancements. However, it’s essential to remember that a smartphone or desktop’s performance isn’t solely determined by faster sequential or random read and write speeds – latency is also a crucial metric to consider.

Once again, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes out on top in this aspect, boasting lower latency than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. For those unfamiliar, having lower latency is advantageous because it indicates how quickly specific data can be accessed. In theory, this suggests that the Galaxy S24 Ultra can open applications much faster, although the actual speed also depends on the optimization of Samsung’s One UI software.

It’s worth mentioning that both phones were tested with 256GB of internal storage, so the outcomes might differ with higher onboard memory versions undergoing the same test. As we previously mentioned, the Galaxy S24 Ultra also outperformed the iPhone 15 Pro Max in a battery drain test. In total, the 6.8-inch flagship has triumphed over its closest competitor in two benchmarks. However, there are more comparisons on the horizon, so we suggest staying tuned for further updates from our end.