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Instagram, Snapchat to use Galaxy S24’s cameras to full potential

The Galaxy S24 series is packed with top-notch features that Samsung could cram into a smartphone. Beyond the AI goodies, Samsung has also jazzed up the software. In the live stream, they spilled the beans that Instagram and Snapchat can now make the most of your phone’s main camera, and the shots won’t just be a basic screenshot of the viewfinder. Cool, right?

If you know your way around Snapchat and Instagram on Android, you’ll know they basically grab a screenshot of the viewfinder. It’s not like the sensor is snapping an actual photo, and that often results in pictures that lack detail and end up looking kind of muddy.

The Galaxy S24 is changing the game by letting you tap into the camera hardware’s full potential, so no more dealing with pics that seem stuck in 2008. It’s all about upgrading that photo game!

And here’s the kicker: this slick integration also throws HDR support into the mix, taking the pictures you snap to a whole new level. I get that some folks might be scratching their heads about how it all goes down, but Samsung is swearing up and down that once you lay hands on this device, your whole photo-taking game is going to be on a whole new level.

Guess what? The Galaxy S24 series is up for grabs for pre-order! If you’re itching to snag these new phones, you can slap in your pre-order right away. But, if you’re more of an in-store kinda shopper, mark your calendar for January 31st, because that’s when these devices hit the shelves.

Samsung is really going all-in on AI with these new phones, but here’s the kicker: they’re not just riding the AI wave; they’re throwing down the gauntlet, claiming their performance is still second to none. They could’ve taken the easy route and just honed in on one thing, but nope, they’re taking on every aspect of the phone to cook up something truly mind-blowing.