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Instagram Threads sees rise in downloads as X’s demand declines

In a surprising twist, Threads by Instagram, Meta’s social networking app now in direct competition with X (formerly Twitter), made a comeback in December 2023. It snagged the fourth spot in downloads on the iOS App Store and the eighth on Google Play, hitting a combined total of 28 million downloads. This uptick in interest hints at a possible turnaround for the app after its lukewarm launch back in July 2023.

According to PC Mag, Threads had been absent from the top ten download lists on Appfigures since August, making some wonder about the app’s future. But things seem to be looking up as users are digging the revamped sharing and discovery options and other added features. Plus, Instagram started promoting Threads content on its own platform, possibly attracting more members on board.

The renewed interest in Threads sharply contrasts with the performance of Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter). Despite reaching approximately 540 million users by July 2023, the app’s expansion has decelerated under Musk’s leadership.

42Matters, the app data company, observed a decrease in downloads for X from November 2022 to October 2023, indicating a decline in user interest. Additionally, X held the 36th position in downloads for December. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that the app has been available since 2006, implying that a significant portion of users may have already downloaded it by this point.

In terms of active users, X remains a leader. According to’s 2023 assessment of app activity, X secured a position in the top ten, whereas Threads did not make the list. This suggests that although Threads may be attracting new members, the level of engagement may not measure up to the existing user base of X.

Although Threads’ recent growth spurt is encouraging, the key concern is whether the app can sustain this momentum and convert those app downloads into daily active users, which is the true benchmark of success. Despite integrating various features requested by users since its launch, Threads still has some progress to make before surpassing the daily active user count of X.