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iPhone 16 could clone a Sony Xperia camera feature that professionals will love

Now that the Galaxy S24 has hit the shelves, all eyes are on the next big candybar smartphone release: the iPhone 16. Word on the street is that one of the major updates this year could be a shiny new Capture Button for snapping photos and videos. According to a fresh leak, it might even bring some digital camera vibes to Apple’s 2024 lineup.

According to a rumor floating around from Weibo user Instant Digital, as caught by MacRumors, the Capture Button on the iPhone 16 might be able to sense different levels of pressure, kind of like those two-stage shutter buttons you find on digital cameras.

So, word has it that giving the Capture Button on the iPhone 16 a half-press will nail down the focus you want, while giving it a full press will snap the photo. The aim is to give the camera enough time to make adjustments, ensuring your shot doesn’t end up all blurry.

So, why is Apple throwing in a button-based two-step shutter system when you can just tap on the screen to achieve the same thing? Well, probably for the same reason they’re outfitting the iPhone 16 with a Capture Button.

Having a dedicated Capture Button means you can snap photos in a snap. While the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button can be set to open the camera, its placement could mean you accidentally cover one of the lenses with your thumb when you’re holding the phone sideways.

While a regular snapper might not pay it much mind, this new button could be a game-changer for serious shutterbugs.

According to Instant Digital, the Capture Button will signal that the iPhone 16 is really doubling down on photography. Even though the iPhone 15 Pro is already one of the top camera phones of 2024, the competition is heating up, and Apple likely wants to stand out by showing they’re going the extra mile compared to other makers.

They’re saying the Capture Button on the iPhone 16 will be situated down in the bottom right corner. Now, there’s some conflicting info on whether it’ll be a physical button or touch-sensitive. And get this—according to a recent report, the button might even let you zoom in and out just by swiping left and right on it.