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Microsoft might be working on Xbox Series X White all-digital model

Microsoft is rumored to be launching a new all-digital Xbox Series X White model later this year. The Xbox Series S first came out in white, while the Series X was black. Last year, Microsoft released a black version of the Series S, and now, it seems the Xbox Series X will also get a white version. This info comes from sources who supposedly leaked confidential details to Exputer.

The new Xbox Series X White model is supposed to be an all-digital console, just like the Series S. It’s expected to come out sometime between June and July this year, but there might be a delay. Besides being white and all-digital, this new Series X model is also supposed to have a better heatsink and an upgraded Nexus socket.

Since the new white model is ditching the disc drive, it’s likely that Microsoft will sell it for less than the current Series X model. If we look at the disc PS5 and digital PS5 versions, we’re probably talking about a price drop of around $50. However, Exputer suggests it could be “$50-$100” cheaper than the current Series X model.

It’s important to remember that the info above hasn’t been confirmed yet. So, don’t take it as gospel just yet. But, Microsoft has a history of releasing different versions of their hardware, so an all-digital Series X wouldn’t be surprising. Plus, Exputer has been pretty accurate before – last year, they nailed the release date for Forza Motorsport.

Similarly, rumors suggest that the PlayStation 5 Pro will be marketed as a 120 FPS, 4K powerhouse, thanks to its beefed-up specs and AI upscaling that Sony has apparently been working on for a while.

In a recent video posted by Moore’s Law is Dead, NXGamer’s Michael mentioned that a few unnamed sources have confirmed that the upcoming hardware refresh will include some AI upscaling similar to NVIDIA DLSS, which Sony has been working on for a while. This, combined with the improved specs over the base model, will enable Sony to promote the system as a 120 FPS, 4K machine.