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OnePlus 12R’s storage is slower than originally advertised, company confirms

So, the OnePlus 12R seemed like it was gonna be the bomb mid-range phone of 2024, but it turns out there’s a bit of a hiccup: it’s not as stellar as OnePlus hyped it up to be in one department.

So, OnePlus boasted that certain versions of the OnePlus 12R would come with UFS 4.0 storage, which is a newer standard known for faster speeds compared to UFS 3.1. Specifically, they mentioned that the 128GB model would have UFS 3.1 storage, while the 256GB version would sport UFS 4.0 storage.

OnePlus has done a U-turn on their claims and confirmed that all storage options now come with UFS 3.1 storage. Peep the screenshots below – the one on the left is from the old listing, while the one on the right is the new deal.

“I’m writing today to let you know that we have made a mistake in our communications for OnePlus 12R and to explain what happens next,” wrote OnePlus president Kinder Liu on the OnePlus Community forum. “Due to an error, we stated that the storage enhanced by Trinity Engine would be UFS 4.0 in some variants. I can now confirm that the storage in all variants of the OnePlus 12R is still enhanced by Trinity Engine but is actually UFS 3.1.”

The Trinity Engine is basically a bunch of software goodies designed to keep your storage, RAM, and multitasking performance in tip-top shape as time goes on. “On behalf of our team, I’d like to apologize to everyone for this error,” Liu noted.

Okay, it’s not the end of the world (like promising an OLED and handing you an LCD screen), but it’s definitely a noticeable goof on the brand’s end that left customers scratching their heads. I mean, UFS 4.0 storage is usually reserved for top-tier phones. It’s kinda disappointing, especially when you see that the OnePlus Ace 3, basically the OnePlus 12R in China, boasts UFS 4.0 storage across the board.

So, in a chat with Android Authority, a spokesperson from the company gave the green light for anyone wanting a refund because of this ad hiccup. They said you can shoot the breeze with a customer support rep and kick off the refund process.