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PlayStation 5 Pro to be positioned as a 120 FPS, 4K console

According to online rumors, the PlayStation 5 Pro will be promoted as a 120 FPS, 4K machine, thanks to its improved specs and AI upscaling, which Sony has reportedly been developing for some time.

In a recent video posted by Moore’s Law is Dead, NXGamer’s Michael mentioned that a few unnamed sources have confirmed that the upcoming hardware refresh will include some AI upscaling similar to NVIDIA DLSS, which Sony has been working on for a while. This, combined with the improved specs over the base model, will enable Sony to promote the system as a 120 FPS, 4K machine.

Even though it wouldn’t be a native 4K machine, the Japanese company wouldn’t have any trouble promoting it as such. Nowadays, upscaling and image reconstruction technology are commonly used in the industry, unlike in 2016 when the PS4 Pro’s checkerboard rendering was one of the few reconstruction technologies available to consumers.

How AI upscaling will function on the PlayStation 5 Pro is still uncertain, but it will probably require some effort from developers to integrate it, as per NXGamer’s Michael. Conversely, performance enhancements will probably not demand much effort from developers, particularly for games that already have VRR-enabled 40 FPS modes.

The fact that most first-party titles on PlayStation 5 have these modes is a strong indication of this. First-party studios would be among the first to learn about Sony’s plans and would likely future-proof their games accordingly.

While the points made in the video above seem highly probable, we should still take everything said today with a pinch of salt. The PlayStation 5 Pro hasn’t been officially revealed yet, so there’s no way to know for sure how the console’s power will enhance visuals and performance.

At this stage, even with an official confirmation, it seems highly likely that a PlayStation 5 Pro will be released eventually. Earlier today, we reported a general agreement in the industry for a launch in the second half of the year.