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Reliance Jio unveils plans to launch JioGlass- India’s first smart glasses with AR and VR technology


When it comes to Reliance Jio, one can expect to be surprised, in a good or bad way. This time it’s a good surprise as the company has announced plans to expand into the smart glass segment with JioGlass. With the latest announcement, the company now sells feature phones, laptops, broadband devices, gaming controllers, smartphones, and more.

What is Reliance JioGlass?

The 75-gram pair of glasses comes with smart features. The specs feature a sleek metallic frame and two lenses.

The glasses can be connected to a smartphone using a USB Type-C cable, which also charges the eyepiece.

In the near future, the company will add wireless connectivity. Your connected smartphone will act as a virtual controller for the JioGlass.

Now, how does it work? Well, essentially the JioGlass will project your smartphone screen to a 100-inch virtual display, floating right in front of your eyes. Each eye gets a 1080p display.

The JioGlass has a detachable flap, which once removed people can enjoy Augmented Reality (AR) content. With the flap on, users will be able to see Virtual Reality (VR) content. It even has trackpad controls to adjust volume or virtual screen brightness.

The JioGlass has two speakers on the sides for audio as well as support for spatial audio. There is also a microphone that will help attend voice calls too.

With a 4,000 mAh battery, users will get up to three hours of runtime with the JioGlass.

The device is yet to hit the markets but considering Jio’s history, we believe it will not be priced in a manner as to burn a hole in your pocket.

For now, the smart glass is listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on the Tesseract’s website, which is currently running an Early Access Programme on its platform. Those interested in getting early access apply for it on their official website

The company will launch two versions – one for consumers and the second one for enterprises. Reliance is yet to reveal the price and availability details of the new JioGlass device.

The JioGlass is expected to be launched in the next two months.