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Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup is bigger and packed with AI features

If 2023 dazzled us with super-bright TVs, 2024 is unfolding as the year when AI features seamlessly integrate into them like never before. At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Samsung spilled the beans on its highly anticipated Neo QLED and OLED TV lineup for the year. While we’re still in the dark about pricing and availability, one thing’s for sure – Samsung is going all-in on AI to elevate visuals, enhance audio, and tailor the viewing experience to what you’re watching.

Even though there’s not a ton of stuff to watch on 8K TVs, the major TV brands are forging ahead with the tech. Samsung’s 8K lineup for this year, featuring the Neo QLED mini-LEDs, boasts two models – the QN800D and QN900D, both coming in sizes ranging from 65 to 85 inches.

Once again, the deets were a bit scarce when this was written, but Samsung dropped a press release teasing some upgrades. They spilled that the QN900D Neo QLED is touted as the sleekest 8K TV ever. Also, both shiny new QLED 8K models are getting a processor boost with something fancy called the NQA AI Gen3. According to Samsung, it packs an on-device AI engine that’s twice as speedy as its predecessor and flaunts eight times the neural networks.

The fresh AI brain is bringing in some snazzy smart features for the 8K Neo QLEDS. The CES 2024 press release from Samsung spills the beans on the new features, focusing on the QN900D. However, it’s a toss-up if these goodies will also roll out to the QN800D, so stay tuned for updates as we uncover more.

Right now, the QN900D is packing a punch with something they call AI Upscaling Pro. This nifty feature can amp up the quality of SD and HD content to 4K and even kick 4K content up to 8K. AI is also stealing the show in the realm of gaming, sports, and action flicks, bringing in the AI Motion Enhancer Pro to make things clearer and smoother.

For sports buffs, this means no more fuzzy pucks or footballs zipping across the screen – it can even track specific types of balls based on the sport you’re tuned into. Samsung is also stepping up its game with the Real Depth Enhancer, now upgraded to Real Depth Enhancer Pro. This upgrade hones in on the clarity and contrast of on-screen objects while keeping the background in check.

Gamers, pay attention! The QN900D has got your back with its slick support for 240Hz VRR (variable refresh rate). This means you can enjoy smoother and faster gaming without sacrificing resolution – and that’s a big deal.