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Samsung planning to bring cheaper foldable smartphones

While Samsung might not be in a hurry to release mid-range foldable phones, a price reduction for its current models, especially the Galaxy Z Fold series starting at $1,799, could be advantageous for the company.

According to a recent report, Samsung is altering the manufacturing process of a crucial component, and this shift could potentially free up enough space for the company to lower the prices of its foldable phones.

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung Display is planning to change the way it manufactures OLED panels for this year’s foldable phones. Instead of the micro dry decoration process used until last year, it’s said to adopt inkjet printing for crafting the bezels of the new panels. Interestingly, Samsung Display has been utilizing the inkjet process for making iPhone displays.

The first film produced with inkjet printing is significantly larger, which means more films, eventually becoming bezels, can be cut from it. This move is expected to reduce costs for Samsung Display, and there’s a chance Samsung could pass on these savings to consumers through price cuts for its foldable phones.

According to the report, Samsung has been consistently urging Samsung Display to cut down the cost of the OLED panels used in its foldable phones. These panels are considered one of the pricier components in a foldable phone. If there are any savings on the display costs, it might give Samsung the flexibility to lower the overall price.

It’s uncertain whether Samsung will indeed take that step. The company might choose to boost its profit margins by not passing on the cost savings. One thing is certain, though—many people would be delighted if the pricier Galaxy Z Fold models become a bit more affordable.

Reportedly, Samsung is looking to cut down on the number of Galaxy A devices and is gearing up to launch a new mid-range series called “Galaxy K.” It’s worth mentioning that model numbers with a “K” were spotted at Bluetooth SIG earlier this year, initially believed to be Galaxy S23 models in disguise rather than new mid-range phones.

Finally, Samsung plans to do away with the Plus model from the Galaxy S series next year and introduce a new premium S device in its spot. As we’ve clarified before, the initial rumors about the Galaxy S24+ getting dropped were blown out of proportion. So, it’s wise to approach all these bold predictions about Samsung’s foldables, the supposed K series, and changes to the Galaxy S lineup with a bit of skepticism.