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Samsung prepping to challenge Apple Vision Pro with new VR headset

Samsung is apparently cooking up a new VR headset, as per their latest patent filing. We dug up some patent docs and it seems like Samsung’s VR gadget could give Apple’s Vision Pro a run for its money, boasting similar functionalities. Oh, and it looks like it might even sport some infrared sensors for AR action.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office has received a patent application with the title, “Communication methods and apparatus utilizing avatars in virtual space.” As outlined in the document, the headset is designed to project virtual avatars for users, employing a variety of sensors to gather data from their surroundings.

Interestingly, the patent doesn’t explicitly refer to a “headset” but rather suggests any wearable device for the user. While the evidence strongly suggests a VR headset, the specifics are kept somewhat vague, likely for confidentiality reasons.

Additionally, the patent indicates Samsung’s intention to seamlessly integrate the headset with other devices such as wireless headphones and smartwatches. It proposes that the headset could gather data like heart rate and calorie expenditure from a paired external device to create a virtual avatar. This feature could enable users to share real-time workout and exercise information with others.

On top of that, the headset might pack in a bunch of sensors like an accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, infrared sensor, and more to keep tabs on the user’s movements and position in real-time. This data could then be used to create an interactive GUI where users can check out a digital avatar and play around with their environment.

The papers also discuss the potential for including a built-in navigation system, along with support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device could also house its own processor, GPU, and NPU to handle all this data, powered by a rechargeable battery. However, it’s not clear where exactly the battery will be located within the device.

This idea seems reminiscent of Apple’s Vision Pro, which employs a handful of sensors to craft a virtual realm within the headset. Yet, Samsung’s plan to link up with external gadgets like smartwatches and wireless headphones could potentially elevate its sophistication and load it up with more features.

Samsung hasn’t come out with any official statement regarding the creation of a new VR headset. It’s worth highlighting that these specifics are just part of the patent application, and the actual product might end up being totally different. It’ll be intriguing to see how Samsung takes on Apple with its potential VR headset down the line.