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Smart assistant backed by Google Bard in the offing, leaks suggest

A more in-depth investigation has uncovered an “Assistant with Bard” experience that seems more developed and possibly on the brink of release. 9to5Google’s exploration of the APK hinted at Google preparing some fresh UI elements for the combination of Assistant with Google Bard.

Users can anticipate spotting a new UI option in the primary Google app, positioned between the profile icon and the Search Labs beaker. The toggle, reminiscent of a physical slider, appears to allow users to switch between Search and Bard.

Most likely, this will alter the function of the pill-shaped bar beneath the Google logo to align with the option users choose. Currently, it’s uncertain whether this slider will be a permanent fixture in the Google app or if it will appear intermittently during its rollout to prompt user interaction.

Google has given a new look to its pop-up message, set to prompt users to give “Assistant with Bard” a try when it’s released. Sporting the AI’s familiar two-star logo, the box will display a message encouraging users to “talk, text, or share a photo to get started.”

According to the study, users can get into Assistant with Google Bard by long-pressing the power button or just saying, “Hey Google.” Consequently, the pop-up will provide an option for users to type their queries into a text box if they prefer.

In all likelihood, the “talk” option will probably operate similar to voice queries with the Assistant. On the other hand, choosing to share a photo with the Bard-powered Assistant will likely open the camera app. This might enable users to include an image in their prompt, getting AI assistance based on visuals.

The article also mentions an upcoming visual update for the Finance widget app. Google is moving the refresh button from the bottom back to the top, making things a bit more user-friendly.

A leak about Assistant with Google Bard in October suggested that its features closely resemble those found in the desktop version of Bard. The leak mentioned features like AI extensions, assistance with drafting emails, and other day-to-day activities.

On the flip side, it looks like users might have the choice to revert to “Classic Assistant” when the AI-powered version is introduced. Possibly found in the settings of the Google app, users can easily toggle Bard’s capabilities in Assistant on or off. It’s important to note that using Assistant with Bard may mean users won’t have access to any classic features.