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Sony teases mixed reality headset designed for ‘spatial content creation’

Sony’s CES 2024 show didn’t bring any major updates in the initial 25 minutes. However, things got interesting when they introduced a brand new XR head-mounted display and controllers without an official name yet, targeting “spatial content creation.” The headset, sporting a matte gray finish, resembles a simplified version of the PSVR2, featuring two front-facing cameras.

Additionally, there’s a wand-like controller and a smaller peripheral about the size of a ring. This new gear seems to be designed for creators and artists who like to shape and craft things in virtual realms. You can get your hands on it in 2024, but they’re keeping the pricing details under wraps for now.

Even though Sony didn’t dive deep into the details during the presentation, a press release spilled the beans after the show ended, revealing some important specs. The headset runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2, a recent announcement at the start of CES. This implies that it’s a standalone device, eliminating the need for a computer to operate.

That chip is running dual 4K OLED microdisplays and delivers “user and space tracking” for mixed reality adventures. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida mentioned it’s all about providing a “sharp viewing experience” and “intuitive interaction for 3D design.” He hinted at a device tailored for professionals, much like Sony’s high-end cameras and gadgets.

The gadget comes with “video see-through” capability and packs a total of six cameras and sensors. They showcased a pair of controllers – one dubbed as a “ring controller” for handling objects and the other as a “pointing controller” for, well, pointing. Sony envisions creators being able to create 3D models on the fly using these controllers alongside traditional input devices like keyboards.

Sony is highlighting the headset’s balance, mentioning they’ve finely tuned “the center of gravity of the device.” The display part of the headset can be flipped up and out of the user’s field of vision, letting them easily switch between their work and the real world without having to take off the headset completely.

According to Sony, you’ll be able to remotely review and collaborate on work using third-party creative apps.