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Green line on your OnePlus screen? Here’s how you can avail free display replacement


If you are a OnePlus user and your phone has started showing a green line on the display, the company is ready to replace or repair your screen for free. With a lifetime warranty!

Recently, several OnePlus users complained of developing a green line issue on their OLED panels after the OxygenOS 13.1 update. OnePlus has readily come to rectify the situation and rather smartly too.

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OnePlus has announced that affected users are eligible for free screen replacements with a lifetime screen warranty.

This replacement policy is not limited to specific device models and will cover all OnePlus phones facing the green line issue.

OnePlus has kinda doubled down on this issue to keep its consumers happy. It is also offering an upgrade discount for eligible users.

All the customers who have the OnePlus 8 Pro, 8T, 9, and 9T with the green line problem will be eligible to receive discount vouchers to upgrade to a new OnePlus smartphone.

The replacement policy and upgrade discount are only available for customers in India so far.

Those who are looking to avail the screen replacement/repair warranty and upgrade discount will need to make a replacement or upgrade request through the official OnePlus India website.

It also must be noted that the screen replacement might not be available at certain locations based on the availability of spare parts.

The announcement also does not mention devices such as the OnePlus 8, 9 Pro, and the entire OnePlus 10 and 11 series, possibly due to lower impact or sufficient spare parts availability.

OnePlus India’s announcement

“We realize that this issue has caused a great deal of inconvenience to the affected users, and we apologize for it. In line with our unwavering commitment, we encourage users to visit the nearest OnePlus service center for device diagnosis, and we will provide free screen replacement for all devices affected by the situation.

On select OnePlus 8 and 9 Series devices, we are also offering a voucher that will provide the user with a fair percentage of the device value to upgrade to a new OnePlus device. In light of the current situation, we are now offering a lifetime screen warranty on all affected devices. Thank you for your understanding and support.”