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How to reset your Apple AirTag

The Find My network is a standout feature within the Apple ecosystem. It allows you to pinpoint the most recent location of nearly all your Apple devices. You can conveniently view the whereabouts of your iPhone, AirPods Pro, or Apple Watch on a map, often in real-time. And if you want to track other items, you can simply set up an Apple AirTag.

However, when it comes to Apple devices like a Mac or an iPad, resetting them for resale or recycling is a straightforward process. AirTags, on the other hand, don’t have buttons or a touchscreen, making the reset process a bit less intuitive. There are a couple of methods for resetting an AirTag, but one is more straightforward than the other. Here’s how to do it.

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Resetting AirTag using Find My app

If you’ve got a compatible Apple device nearby, and it’s logged in to the same Apple ID as the AirTag you want to reset, the process is pretty straightforward. However, if you’re dealing with an AirTag that isn’t physically near your device, these steps will remove the tracker from your Apple ID but won’t factory reset it. If that’s the case, don’t worry; you can follow the steps in the next section to reset it.

  • Ensure that the AirTag is close enough for Bluetooth connection.
  • Launch the Find My app.
  • If it doesn’t automatically take you there, go to the Items section.
  • Pick the specific tag you wish to reset from the list.
  • Scroll down and click on “Remove Item.”
  • Tap Remove.
  • On the next screen, tap Remove again.

By following this method, you unlink the AirTag from your Apple ID. If the tracker is nearby and turned on, it also resets it to its original factory settings. However, if you need to remove an AirTag from your account and it’s not in close proximity, or you’ve purchased a pre-owned tag that hasn’t been reset correctly by the previous owner, follow the steps below.

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Resetting it linked to Apple ID

You can also reset it to its factory settings using just the device itself, but it involves more steps and takes a bit longer.

  • Begin by opening the AirTag’s battery compartment – press down on the stainless steel battery cover and twist it counterclockwise.
  • Once the cover is off, take out the battery.
  • Reinsert the battery into its place.
  • Press firmly on the battery until you hear a sound coming from the device.
  • After the initial sound stops, repeat this process four times: remove the battery, place it back, and press down until another sound is heard.
  • The fifth sound will be distinct from the previous ones, indicating that thedevice is now ready for pairing.
  • To finish, secure the battery cover by aligning its tabs with the slots on the AirTag, pressing down, and turning it clockwise.

Once it has been unlinked from its previous Apple ID, it’s primed for a fresh setup on a new account.