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How to set up Google Voice and enjoy its perks

Google Voice helps you separate your work and personal matters effortlessly. It’s crafted for both individual and professional purposes, making it suitable for freelancers and even big corporations. If you’re curious about what ite is and how to get it up and running, relax – we’ve got you covered.

Google Voice explained

Google Voice made its debut in the distant past of 2009, joining the ranks of VoIP services that allow folks to chat over the web. But here’s the twist: while Whatsapp and Telegram do their thing, Google Voice hands you a nifty separate number, not your run-of-the-mill network provider digits.

The cool thing about it is that you can skip the hassle of buying an extra device because it does its magic right through the mobile app. And guess what? You can also rock it on your computer with a desktop app or simply hop onto your favorite web browser for some Google Voice action.

This app shines bright for outfits that need a bunch of peeps handling calls from one number, think customer service squads and sales gangs. Teammates simply tag into a shared Google Voice account and boom, they’re in on all the fantastic features in a jiffy.

Right now, Google Voice is playing hard to get, available in just 14 countries across North America and some European regions. If you’re rolling solo, you can snag it as a standalone deal. But if you’re on the business hustle, you gotta suit up with a Google Workspace account to join the party.

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Google Voice’s handy features

The heart and soul of the app? That’s definitely its calling and texting mojo. You can ring up folks with Google Voice numbers, regular phone digits, and even landlines. Messaging is a breeze, just like any other chat app, and you can toss in pics and videos for good measure. Plus, you’ve got a bottomless pit of text messages each month, no matter which plan you’re repping.

While it’s not something only Google Voice does, one cool feature is its knack for sifting through spam calls. Thanks to Google’s nifty AI tech, the app can give you a heads-up if it smells something fishy, like a pesky sales pitch. But don’t worry, you can still pick up the call if you’re feeling adventurous, and if you’ve had enough of a particular number, you can slam the door shut on future calls from them.

Even though it is all about internet calls, you can still drop a voicemail in there. And guess what? It’s got some nifty tricks up its sleeve. You can eavesdrop on the caller as they spill the beans in real time. Or if you’re more of a reader than a listener, just ask the app to scribble down the voicemail for you to read later. Cool, right?

When it comes to desktop action, Google Voice plays nice with ChromeOS, Windows, and macOS. If you’re rocking a mobile vibe, you can snag the app on Android and iOS, and it’s also ready to roll on iPadOS. And for all your web warriors out there, Google Voice is buddies with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

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How to setup Google Voice

Another cool thing about the app is that it’s not a brain-buster to get the hang of. We’ve got the lowdown on how to set up your accounts for personal and business use, and don’t worry, it’s a cakewalk, even though the process has a few twists and turns.

  • Head over to the Google Voice website.
  • Click on “For personal use.”
  • Pick your preferred platform for the app.
  • Select a Google Voice number from your chosen city or dialing code.
  • Toss in your current phone number so they can send you a verification code via call or text.

Google Voice for business

  • Swing by the website.
  • Click on “For business.”
  • Take your pick from the paid plans available.
  • Log in using your Google Workspace administrator account.
  • Wrap it up by hitting “Get Started.”

Is Google Voice free to use?

It comes free of charge when it’s just you chatting and texting with folks in the US. But remember, if you’re planning to dial up your international pals, your wallet might feel a pinch. The bill depends on where your call is headed across the globe.

For the business crowd, there are three snazzy paid plans to pick from, and the fancier your subscription, the more Google goodies you get. Chatting it up with folks in the USA is included in the package, but if you’re jet-setting internationally on the phone, expect some extra coinage to fly out of your wallet.

Is Google Voice available in India?

Google Voice is a nifty freebie that lets you shoot text messages, make calls, and drop voice mails. The cherry on top? It hands you a US phone number that plays nice with all your gadgets and apps, even if you’re chilling in India. This means you can keep things simple and rock just one Google Voice number for all your Indian phones, no need for a bunch of SIM-based numbers.

But here’s the kicker: this magic only happens in the US, and you can’t snag a Google Voice number and account in India. But hey, there’s a workaround. To get your hands on a number, you’ll need a VPN with US servers. But that’s a topic for another day!