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How to effectively use Instagram Notes feature

Instagram likes to change things up and throw in new stuff on its platform pretty often. Previously, they brought in something called “Notes,” but people are still deciding if they actually make the app better or not. If you’re feeling a bit puzzled about what these Instagram Notes are all about and how to use them, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered, and we’ll break it down for you below.

Instagram Notes might seem like a little throwback, especially when you consider all the Insta stories and TikTok videos we have nowadays. They’re basically like old-school status updates. With Instagram Notes, you can put whatever’s on your mind out there, but here’s the catch – you’ve only got 60 characters to work with. If you need more space to express yourself, you might want to check out Meta’s Threads platform instead.

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Where to find Notes on Instagram

Just so you know, when you post Instagram Notes, your followers won’t see them in their regular feed like they do with reels and photos. They won’t pop up in Stories either. Instead, they hang out at the top of your DM list, and only folks you follow and who follow you back can peep at them.

Just like Stories, Notes stick around for just 24 hours, and then they vanish. During that time, you can interact with the Notes from folks you follow by giving them a thumbs up or replying, but you can’t pass them on to others.

After being introduced gradually, Notes is finally accessible to everyone around the world. It’s part of the Instagram app, so as long as you’ve got the most up-to-date software, you can use it. In some recent updates, Instagram even threw in the option to mix music with your Notes, but that’s only available in specific regions.

How to add your Instagram Notes

Unless you’re new to social media, using Notes should be a breeze, just like any other Instagram feature. Right now, it’s only available on mobile, so you can’t access Notes on your desktop. But if you ever need some help, we’ve got a handy guide below to get you started with Notes.

  • Launch Instagram and tap on the DMs icon.
  • Go to your profile photo located at the top left, just above your DMs, and tap the ‘+’ button.
  • In the “Share a thought” bubble, jot down what you want to convey to your followers. Feel free to use text and emojis.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can choose the audience you want to share your Note with, either your followers whom you follow back or your Close Friends list.
  • To wrap it up, tap “Share” to publish your Note.

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Give your Instagram Notes a musical twist

A lucky few Instagram users can now spice up their Notes with music. Right now, this feature is limited to specific areas, but Instagram is gradually making it available to everyone worldwide. If you’re one of the fortunate ones with the latest Notes update, here’s how you can jam to some tunes and, hopefully, share your awesome music taste.

  • Start by crafting a fresh Note, and then click on the music icon located below your profile photo.
  • Explore the list of songs available and select the track you want to include.
  • Slide along the track’s timeline to pick the specific part of the song you’d like to share.
  • Lastly, hit the “Done” button, and then proceed to “Share.”

Can you disable Instagram Notes?

You can’t totally turn off Notes, but there’s a trick to it. Just give a long-press on a profile photo in the Notes section, and a little menu will pop up. Then, click on “Mute notes,” and voilà, you won’t see that particular user’s Notes anymore.