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Must-have Android fitness apps to stay in your best shape

Getting your life on track with a daily routine can feel like a bit of a puzzle sometimes. Living healthy means looking out for both your mental and physical well-being. But hey, we all hit those moments when we’re not sure where to start or how to stay on the fitness wagon. That’s where the lifelines from some of the top Android apps come in handy.

These apps are like your trusty sidekicks in forming healthy habits, whether it’s sticking to workout routines or finding your Zen through guided meditation. They keep tabs on your daily progress and give you a sneak peek at how close you are to hitting those goals. That’s why we’ve done the homework and explored some of the top-notch fitness and health apps for Android that you can link up with your go-to smartwatch or phone, helping you kickstart your journey towards a healthier and happier you.

Google Fit

When you want to get a crystal-clear picture of your overall health, including keeping tabs on the calories you’ve burned, mapping your walks or runs with GPS, and monitoring your heart rate over time, there’s hardly an app that can beat Google Fit. Google Fit isn’t just the default fitness tracker for Wear OS smartwatches; it’s also one of the most comprehensive solutions in the Android world.

The app comes with this cool “move minutes” feature that tracks how many full minutes you spend on the move throughout the day. It also logs “heart points” for more intense activities, like brisk walks or runs, and other workouts that get your heart pumping. It’s like having a fitness wizard in your pocket!

Beyond these measurements, Fit diligently records your steps taken, the distance you’ve covered, and the calories you’ve burned along the way. It’s also your heart rate monitor, weight tracker, and even your sleep guardian, keeping an eye on your nightly rest patterns.

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Grab the reins of your fitness journey! FitOn is loaded with a treasure trove of home workouts, spanning everything from heart-pounding cardio to serene yoga and core-strengthening Pilates. It’s the ultimate app for breaking a sweat, whether you’re grinding away at home or skipping the gym. And here’s the kicker – they’ve got speedy 10-minute workouts for those jam-packed days. FitOn is your all-in-one toolkit for exercise and stress-busting. Create your custom workout plan, boost that heart rate, and focus on sculpting specific body areas. It’s your fitness genie in a bottle!

FitOn isn’t just about breaking a sweat – it’s got some tricks up its sleeve to help you wrangle your daily stress with guided meditations. It’s the ideal combo for boosting your overall well-being because remember, taking care of your mental health is just as vital as tending to your physical fitness.


Strava? Oh, it’s like the ultimate fitness app with a social media twist. It takes your workouts and adds a cool social element, letting you share your fitness feats and progress with fellow Strava enthusiasts. When it comes to the fitness stuff, it’s got your back – you can use GPS to map your walks, runs, and bike rides, and it can even tag along for your swims. There’s this awesome “Explore” feature that helps you discover nearby fitness events and user-created challenges, and more cool stuff. And to keep you motivated, you can set goals for the week or even the whole year. On the social side, you can connect with friends, post updates on your activity feed (kind of like Facebook), and even throw down challenges. It’s like a fitness shindig right on your phone!

My Fitness Pal

When you’re on the journey to getting fit and living healthier, you can’t just brush off what you eat. Understanding how many calories you chow down on each day is crucial for planning your workouts and getting those pesky snack cravings under control. That’s where My Fitness Pal comes in as one of our top picks for a calorie-counting app. It’s like your food diary – it keeps a record of exactly what you’re munching on. You can either find your grub in their food database, scan barcodes, or even type in what you’re about to devour manually. It’s your calorie buddy!

And here’s the kicker: You can even set up the app to bug you with daily reminders to jot down what you eat. But My Fitness Pal isn’t just about logging your munchies; it’s like having a personal chef and a motivational squad in your pocket. It shows you how to whip up healthier meals and keeps you connected with others for that extra dose of motivation.

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Nike Run Club

Think of the Nike Run Club app as a buddy for your runs and walks, kinda like Strava but with a focus on putting one foot in front of the other. You can use your device’s GPS to map your routes, snag some free guided runs, and even hop on board with some long-term coaching plans. So, if you want an app that’s got your back, helps you improve, and comes with built-in coaching, Nike Run Club is the one you’ve been searching for!


Don’t forget, that taking care of your mental well-being is a key part of living a healthier life. Life gets crazy busy, and we tend to forget about ourselves. That’s where apps for calming our minds come into play. One of our absolute faves, and it even got the Editor’s stamp of approval, is the Calm app. Inside, you can flip through these cool visual “scenes” paired with soothing sounds from nature to help you find your center. It’s like a mental vacation right on your phone!

To amp up the zen vibes, you can dive into guided breathing sessions, do some body stretches, meditate, or even unlock wisdom from mindfulness gurus with the Calm app. It’s basically your one-stop-shop for boosting your mental well-being.


Sure, these are top-notch apps for tracking your grub, but if you’re on the hunt for something super simple and completely free (no fancy premium stuff needed) for counting calories, look no further than FatSecret. It’s kind of like My Fitness Pal’s budget-friendly cousin. You can still scan barcodes on stuff and even use image recognition to keep tabs on what you’re eating.

But that’s not all – FatSecret hooks you up with a journal, a nifty calendar, and even a photo album to document all your victories along the way. Plus, it plays nice with Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit, so you won’t lose your data, no matter which health app is your go-to!