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Want to use Spotify’s web player? Here’s how to do it

In a landscape saturated with apps for virtually every conceivable need, the strain on internal device storage becomes apparent rather quickly. For Spotify users seeking a solution, the web player offers a workaround—no additional app installations required. This platform grants access to a vast library of songs, podcasts, videos, and audiobooks, making it an ideal option for those looking to navigate download restrictions on workplace or public machines.

Discover how to leverage the Spotify web player to conserve storage space and enjoy your handpicked playlists on a spectrum of devices, ranging from high-end Chromebooks to more budget-friendly Android smartphones, with this comprehensive guide.

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Spotify web player explained

The Spotify web player functions as a website providing access to a variety of Spotify content. While Spotify initially emerged as a digital music streaming platform, it has expanded its offerings to include various audio mediums in recent times. Free users have the ability to play music, receive personalized recommendations, and craft collections and playlists.

Premium users, on the other hand, enjoy an ad-free experience with the added perks of unlimited song skipping and downloads. The web player is pretty much a twin of the desktop app or the mobile version when you access it through a smartphone browser.

How to use Spotify web player

Getting into the Spotify web player is a breeze, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so cool. Just go to in your web browser, sign in, or if you’re new, create a Spotify account. Make sure your browser is in the popular crew by checking the chart below to ensure it supports the Spotify web player. Easy peasy!

  • Hit that search button. You’ll spot the search bar and a bunch of colorful tiles hinting at various audio styles and genres. If you’re up for some exploration, click on a tile that grabs your attention and dive in. Let’s look for an artist.
  • Type in the name of the band or artist you’re itching to hear, and hit that search button. Boom, you’ll get the top hits for your search term. Easy peasy!
  • Tap on the artist or band name. If you find the song you’re itching to hear, just tap on it, and let the music roll.
  • Select the track, album, or playlist you’re in the mood for.
  • Navigate to the control panel at the bottom of the screen to play, pause, skip, or shuffle as you please.

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Drawbacks of Spotify web player

The web player is handy, and it pretty much looks just like the desktop app. But, gotta be real with you, the web player isn’t as top-notch. Before ditching the app on your device and going all-in on the browser version, you should know about some pretty big downsides.

Got a bit of a bummer for the music buffs out there. The sound quality on the web player doesn’t quite match up to the installed app – it’s a bit less impressive. If you’re rolling with a premium account, the web player is better than the free version on the desktop app. But just so you know, the sound quality can make a difference in the music experience. So, that’s a bit of a downside for the web player.

Offline mode is a nifty perk for premium users, allowing them to download content and jam out without needing an internet connection. Without the desktop, mobile, or tablet app, your in-flight entertainment might end up depending on whatever’s playing on the screen.

If you want more say in the bass and treble of your tunes, the equalizer tool is where it’s at. It’s a bit more on the advanced side, though. If that sounds like your jam, go ahead and install the app.