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How to watch movies for free on YouTube mobile and PC

Are you fed up with shelling out money for those high-priced streaming platforms? Perhaps you’re in a hurry to pick a couple of flicks for a family night at home, or you’ve taken a sick day and need a good distraction without wasting time scrolling through endless options. Not every movie selection needs to be the latest blockbuster or a costly rental. Some fantastic films are available for free on YouTube, no need for a subscription to Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu.

Luckily, you don’t need to dish out extra cash for every movie you find on YouTube. There’s actually a special channel that offers free movies supported by ads. Our guide will show you how to discover this hidden treasure trove of free films on both the YouTube website and app. And don’t forget to connect your preferred streaming device—it’s time to settle in for a movie night with popcorn!

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How to watch free movies on YouTube PC

When you’re exploring the free movie offerings on YouTube, don’t anticipate stumbling upon the latest blockbusters or the most renowned classics. This selection of free films might not cater to everyone’s tastes, but it’s an excellent choice for a change of scenery if you’re tired of your go-to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. We’ll walk you through how to access this special channel below.

  • Go to the YouTube homepage and click on the Hamburger button (the three horizontal lines).
  • In the Explore sidebar, select Movies & TV.
  • Scroll down until you see Free Primetime movies, and then click on “View all.”

You can enjoy PG and G-rated movies on YouTube without needing an account. However, for movies with maturity ratings (including 14A), you’ll need to sign in to confirm your age. Keep in mind that signing in with a YouTube account offers the perk of saving these videos, similar to creating a watchlist on Netflix. This allows you to watch them later or pick up where you left off even after leaving the site or app.

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How to watch free movies on YouTube mobile

YouTube has made it easier with a dedicated movies and TV section, eliminating the need to manually search for “free movies.” For your convenience, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions below, and you can also find the app widget at the end of this section. In this example, we’ll demonstrate using the Android app, but you can access and watch free movies on iOS as well while using the app.

  • Launch the YouTube mobile app.
  • Tap the Explore icon located at the top, next to categories.
  • Select “Movies & TV.”
  • Scroll down to find “Free Primetime movies” and tap “View all.”

Shopping for budget-friendly streaming options can be time-consuming, and YouTube often stands out as a top choice. It’s a reliable source for free and safe online movies. However, it comes with some trade-offs, such as having to endure ads during content and a somewhat limited film selection. Nevertheless, these drawbacks might be worth the savings compared to your monthly streaming bills.