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Now, Google Search will correct your grammar with generative AI


It’s a task to find the right websites to check grammar, but you don’t need to worry anymore because Google is coming to save you.

While a grammar check already exists for Google Docs and Gmail, it is for the first time that users can open Search to check if “a phrase or sentence is written in a grammatically correct way or how to correct it, if not”.

Google has added a grammar checker to its search engine, which uses “AI systems” to analyze language.

For some time now, Google has been revamping its search engine to meet the expectations of the artificial intelligence revolution. The inclusion of AI-powered search is a part of the entire program.

Even though Google’s biggest rival, Microsoft Bing, has till now lacked in popularity so far but it took over the search giant by offering AI-powered search results and chat capabilities.

In response to user queries, Google can now summarise information from multiple sources as part of its Search Generative Experience.

Google had also added generative AI tools into Docs and Gmail before launching Bard, its own ChatGPT rival.

However, Google’s grammar check feature doesn’t appear to be 100 per cent accurate, possibly because it is likely built on top of generative AI, the same tech that powers chatbots like Bard.

Google has admitted on its support page for the feature that its accuracy is affected by partial sentences.

So far, the feature only works with English. It also won’t work with queries that are in violation of Google Search policies.

For example, it won’t respond to sentences that include hateful, violent, or sexually explicit content.

How to check grammar using Google Search

If you want to use Google’s AI-powered grammar check feature you just have to type your sentence in the search bar and add “grammar check” or “check grammar” at the end.

This will activate the feature that will spot your mistakes.

Google will instantly highlight and underline the part that needs correction, and if your sentence is already grammatically correct, it will show a green check mark

You can even copy the corrected sentence by moving your mouse over it and clicking the Copy button.