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Privacy, productivity and performance: macOS Sonoma raises the operating system bar


Apple on Tuesday unveiled its latest macOS update, named Sonoma after the scenic region in Northern California. With the update, Apple has brought a number of improvements and features, especially the new desktop widgets. There is a whole lot of new happening with this version of macOS. Let’s check it out:

Brand New Widgets

Sonoma takes widgets to the next level by making them more interactive and accessible than before. So far one could find widgets in the Today view, but now they have a permanent home on the desktop. Users can customise their placement and when unused they will blend into the wallpaper.

With Continuity, iPhone’s widgets will now be synced with your Mac.

Enhanced Video Conferencing

In the latest update to the macOS, your virtual meetings will become even more professional and exciting. The Presenter Overlay video effect takes the top spot in the new features, it allows you to put your avatar at the center during screen sharing, adding a personal touch to your presentations.

Also, the new Screen Sharing picker makes app sharing during calls easier than ever. The Reaction feature adds balloons, confetti, and hearts based on hand gestures.

Better Privacy on Safari

Some of the noteworthy updates in Sonoma are dedicated to Apple’s Safari web browser. Private Browsing mode will be locked behind Touch ID whenever the user steps away from the computer.

The browser’s search feature will now make better suggestions. Users can also create separate profiles, each with its own history, cookies and extensions.

Introducing Game Mode

The new Game Mode will optimize gaming performance by giving priority to CPU and GPU resources. It means more consistent frame rates and a much smoother gaming experience overall.

This new feature will also reduce audio latency with AirPods and minimize input lag with Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Improved Siri, Autocorrect, and Dictation

There is a complete overhaul of autocorrect features that will provide more accurate corrections. Siri now responds to a simple “Siri”, you don’t need to call out “Hey Siri” every time.

Speech recognition has also been improved, making dictation easier and better.

Message and Mail apps enhanced

All the emojis in Messages can now be used as stickers. Users can even turn their Live Photos into custom stickers. With the introduction of filters in the app, searching through your messages is more efficient.

The system will autofill one-time verification codes, which are received in Mail, directly in Safari. It will eliminate the need to switch between apps. The app will also prioritize travel-related emails.