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Stream your favorite movies, TV shows without spending a fortune on subscriptions

Welcome to the age of streaming. Many of the popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar have previously hiked their prices, and a few are getting stricter about password sharing.

You’re also getting fewer goodies compared to what you’re used to. This is partly due to two Hollywood strikes and streaming companies being more focused on their profits, resulting in a decrease in new high-quality shows. However, if you’re willing to make some adjustments and do a bit of digging, you can still cut costs and stay content.

Let’s have a look at a few tricks that might help you save money on these expensive subscriptions.

Keep an eye out for offers on your mobile carrier

Mobile carriers have stepped up their game from just giving you talk and data; now they’re throwing in cool streaming services with their plans. This isn’t just to lure in fresh faces but also to make their existing customers feel like they’re getting way more bang for their buck. In India, many telecom operators such as Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone-Idea offer streaming services with several plans.

When mobile carriers include stuff like Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, or Amazon Prime Video in their plans, they’re basically handing you a full entertainment package. You can easily watch tons of stuff on your phone or other gadgets, and you don’t have to bother with signing up for these services separately or dealing with extra bills.

These package deals usually save you some cash because you get to watch your favorite shows and movies without shelling out extra money. Plus, some carriers throw in cool bonuses like streaming without eating up your data or giving you fancy premium subscriptions, making the whole experience even better for customers.

As mobile companies keep battling it out for more customers, you can bet on seeing some really cool new stuff coming up. This will make it even harder to tell the difference between phone companies and entertainment providers as they blend together more and more.

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Time to redeem your credit card points and cashback offers

Using credit card points can be a fantastic trick for dealing with the expenses of streaming subscriptions. A lot of credit card reward programs have different ways to use the points you’ve piled up, and paying for streaming services is a cool choice that many folks tend to forget about.

If you make it a habit to use a rewards credit card for your regular spending, you can collect points that you can use to lower the cost of your streaming subscriptions down the road. Some credit card companies even team up with streaming services, giving their cardholders exclusive deals or discounts. This connection between credit cards and streaming can lead to some serious long-term savings.

Plus, there are fancy credit cards out there that give you cash back directly on your streaming service expenses through statement credits. This can seriously ease the financial load of your monthly subscriptions, making your credit card spending a handy way to enjoy your favorite entertainment without emptying your wallet.

To put it simply, using your credit card points for streaming subscriptions is a clever and hassle-free method to stretch your entertainment budget, giving you extra cash in your pocket while enjoying a vast selection of content.

Subscribe for a few months, go on a binge spree, unsubscribe

Because of those Hollywood strikes putting the brakes on a bunch of new shows, streaming services might not have as many things to keep you hooked month after month.

You might find it smarter to sign up for one streaming service for a bit, catch what you like, and then cancel. Rinse and repeat with another service. You can always circle back and subscribe again when you want. Netflix, for example, keeps your account info and watchlists for 10 months in case you decide to cancel and come back later.

If you think you might want to cancel, it’s a good idea to set a reminder on your calendar to do it before the pause runs out. You can have a bunch of bookmarks in your browser for shows you want to check out, and sort them by which streaming service they’re on. Now, switch between streaming services, like Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar until you get tired of what they have, and then cancel. Now, start up a new subscription to Netflix. Easy peasy!

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Go for the cheapest plan possible

Choosing the cheapest streaming plan can be a smart move to cut costs without giving up too much on your entertainment. These budget-friendly choices might have a few downsides, but they can still give you a pretty satisfying streaming experience.

Even though the most affordable plans might not give you super sharp video quality or the option to stream on lots of gadgets at once, they’re perfect for folks on a budget who don’t mind watching in standard definition and are fine with using just one device at a time.

What’s more, these budget-friendly plans usually let you dive into the same big collections of shows and movies as the pricier ones. That means you can still enjoy all your favorite content, even if it’s coming to you in slightly lower quality.

In the end, those low-cost streaming plans find a nice middle ground between being budget-conscious and keeping the entertainment flowing, so you can savor a ton of content without busting your wallet.

Don’t forget sharing is caring

Although Netflix is on a mission to crack down hard on password sharing, not every streaming service is focusing on it. So, team up with pals to cut down on your entertainment costs by sharing a streaming subscription. When you split the subscription cost, you get access to tons of content for way less cash. Most streaming services even let you have separate user profiles so everyone can personalize their experience.

Just make sure to give the fine print a look because some platforms might not allow sharing outside of the same household. But when done responsibly and by the book, sharing a streaming subscription is a great way to save money each month while still enjoying a treasure trove of entertainment.

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